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The consulting flowchart to establish a business in Vietnam


The consultation to establish a company or a local corporation in Vietnam

***We could provide the service of consulting.

The consultation related to the procedure to establish and budget in Vietnam

***We could provide the necessary information, such as the research of marketing, the decision of form to establish.

To decide to investment in Vietnam and establish a company in Vietnam

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The registration of your corporation in Vietnam

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The completion for establish a corporation in Vietnam

***We could introduce an office or company house by the real estate, which cooperated with our company.


The business forms to establish in Vietnam


The business forms to establish are as follows.

(1)   Limited Liability Company

①    Private Liability Company

②    Public Liability Company

(2)   Partnership

①    General Partnership

②    Limited Partnership

(3)   Representative Office

(4)   Branch


To establish a business in Vietnam


1.General Partnership


When the general partnership is registered, it will be a corporation personality. It will be possible to conduct an agreement, to have a property and so on.


2.Limited Partnership


There are three cases of Limited Partnership.


①    Only one General Partnership

②    Many General Partnership

③    Many Limited Partnership


* Private Limited Company


The characteristics of private limited company:


l  Number of shareholders: 2~30

l  Issued shock: cannot issue stocks publicly

l  Transfer restriction: the transfer restriction with issued stocks


*Public Liability Company


Public Liability Company is a limited liability company that can issue stocks publicly.


  1. To establish a Representative Office


The following are the activities of Representative Office can take in Vietnam.


・  To contact with the customers who will be introduced to the head office.

・  To research the business information and share it to the head office.

・  To have a market research

・  To display the samples of goods, to sell goods in an exhibition

・  To buy and storage the goods for exhibition.

・  To employ staffs and to lend an office

・  To reach an agreement with local customers as an agent of head office


Therefore, a representative office cannot sell goods regularly, provide services, and produce products and the work of construction in Vietnam. Representative Office can be closed by the judgment of head office.


The assumption of Representative Office is the existence of head office. It should be careful that the business of representative office is not been recognized and the activities are limited for supporting the sales and collect information.


  1. To establish a branch


It is possible to conduct the same work with representative office.


According to the laws in Vietnam, the foreign companies can be same with head office to provide services, produce products and construct a building unless activities of branch doing are prohibited by laws in Vietnam. In addition, the assets of branch are the assets of head office, and head office also has an obligation for the liabilities of branch. It is possible to close a branch by the judgment of head office.


The Notes to establish a business in Vietnam


In the case to establish a business in Vietnam, almost all kinds of industries are allowed to establish for branch or corporation. However, some industries are prohibited for the corporation so that it should be careful. And the corporation that is to in Vietnam has to conduct the activities based on the same law.


The procedure to establish a business in Vietnam


To establish private limited companies:

After submitting the Articles of Incorporation to Business Office, the limited liability company can be established. And after the registration, foreign companies can acquire the Certificate of Incorporation from Business Office. The date of registration is the date of corporation to have a personality.

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