Payroll Services


We are HR experts, so let us help you improve the efficiency of your HR functions, from talent acquisition, training & development, talent management to C&B or payroll & tax administration, etc.

We can play as your HR department if you don’t want to allocate fixed headcount on HR or we can play as an extended HR department that helps remove the administrative burden of your in-house team and release their time and effort for the core business.

We understand that outsourcing any HR functions to a third-party is not worth the risk unless the rewards are high. Our commitment to reducing costs while increasing business value makes our clients more efficient, resourceful and successful businesses.

Foundation of our success is our resolute focus on ensuring that we meet the following standards of service excellence:

  • Providing highly cost-effective service
  • Offering the lowest risk profile to customers
  • Delivering the highest quality standards
  • Offering access to HR expert’s skill & knowledge

Whether you are small/medium sized companies, multinationals, new start ups or established companies, our payroll outsourcing team can let you focus on the core aspects of your business and better use of your resources for core business functions.

【Overview of Payroll Changes in Vietnam】

The payroll levels are increasing accompanied by the increasing needs of employees in many industries. For example, FMCG, IT and manufacturing are about 10~15%. Other industries are about 7%. The salaries of capable middle managers will increase averagely about 25%. For different individuals, there are different increase rates from the degree of inflation to the high level. The tendency of salaries is to increase 10~30% for different positions, occupations, industries and scales in Vietnam. For example,

   For the government offices, the basic salary is 4000 dollars one year.

   For the labors in the factories, the basic salary is 180 dollars one month.

   For the staffs of stores, the basic salary is 130 dollars one month.

The legal minimum wages has largely increased for 12.4% in 2016 in order to fit the minimum standard of living.


【Our Payroll Services in Vietnam】

   Web details services

We provide the outsourcing services that individuals can look through the web blowers that include the contents of payroll details, bonus details and tax deduction at source. Not only they can read the information, but also it is possible to keep and print the information by PDF.

   Labor and social insurance work

We provide the services to conduct the procedures acquisition and loss of labor insurance and social insurance.

   Payroll calculation

We provide the outsourcing services of final payment amount, payment details, management data and deposit data according to the information provided by our clients. The information includes changes of fixed salary payment, entry or retirement of companies and changes of payroll or attendance.

The merits of our payroll services

To be free from simple operations

To cut the cost of companies

To hedge the risk of low liquidity of labor

To hedge the risk of losing the information of companies


To learn more about our incorporation assistance and a range of services of payroll in Vietnam, send us a message or call us at +81-3-5369-2930.