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Overview of tax services Vietnam


The taxes in Vietnam can be classified as direct tax and indirect tax. Direct tax includes the following taxes.


・  Business income tax

・  Personal income tax

・  Capital assignment profits tax

・  Property tax

・  Others: registration, business permission tax, stamp tax


Indirect tax includes the following taxes:


・  Foreign contractor withholding tax

・  Value added tax

・  Special sales tax

・  Natural resources tax

・  Import and export duties


The related tax laws in Vietnam are promulgated by the Diet. Than the details of concerned law will be regulated by Decree. At last, the guidelines of concerned law will be regulated by Circular and Official Letter.


The Taxpayers of business income tax:


The taxpayers in Vietnam can be divided into demotic corporations and foreign corporations. The demotic corporations include the following types of companies.


・  Corporations established based on Investment Act, Companies Act, National Companies Act i.e.

・  Professional Associations, Organizations providing goods and services

・  Corporations based on Corporation Act


Foreign corporations include the following corporations.


・  Corporations have Permit Establishment in Vietnam and established based on foreign laws

・  Corporations and organizations have income in Vietnam


The income of tax deductible:


  • The income from agriculture products produced by corporations established based on Association Act
  • The income from providing technology of plating agriculture products and infrastructure maintains.
  • Development of science technology and sales of productions developed with permission.
  • Corporations which the employees of physical disabilities are more than half
  • Dividend and distributions from demotic companies in Vietnam
  • Donation of organization which includes education, culture, charity and humanitarian support


Tax declaration of business income tax


Quarterly declaration and final declaration should be conducted in Vietnam. Therefore, the calculation of tax payment based on actual income and the estimated tax based on last year income are both possible to settle the tax payment.


Personal Income Tax


It is important to judge if the person is a resident or not in order to decide the taxable income. The residents of Vietnam should satisfy one of the following conditions.


  • The stay in Vietnam more than 183 days within 12 months
  • Contract period of rental property more than 183 days in a tax period
  • Permanent living in Vietnam

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